Quality Control

Professional R&D team with 20 years experience

Continuously develop products and services that meet the requirements of the contract, the entire process is fully implemented ISO standard

Quality system

We strictly comply with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949 quality system for production management, at the same time, we have a strict quality and environmental control measures, combined with the specific requirements of customers, to ensure that the process and the final product at the most stringent control.

Specialized production and modern management

Professional production, modern management, strict enterprise style, innovative product technology and elite team makes Grande could calmly face complex, diverse and demanding environment in valve industry. GD offers customers system solution from valves model selection, high quality products manufacturing to professional after sale services.

Engineering experience

Grande is not only a full welded ball valve manufacturer, our team has extensive industry and project experience, we provide effective solutions to customers around the world to meet customer’s engineering and applicationdemand.

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