Valve Ball

Valve Ball

Our main products are stainless steel valve balls, chrome steel valve balls and carbon steel valve balls.

GD specializes in the production of all kinds of stainless steel valve balls, such as floating ball, fixing ball, three-way ball, four-way ball, V-type adjusting ball, special ball exclusive for hard sealing, and different types of pinball and steel plate cover ball.

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  • automotive fittings
  • avigation
  • harware tools
  • chemical industry


  • Size: DN10-DN200
  • Material: 304, 316, 316L,A105
  • Standards: Tee, Cross, V-port
  • OEM Acceptable: Yes


  • Floating Balls
  • Trunnion Balls
  • Solid Balls
  • Hollow Balls
  • 3 4 Way Balls
  • Special Balls

Largest Scale and Incomparable Capacity

Either in area, staffs, equipment, or in capacity, quality, we’re one of the professional steel valve balls manufacturers in the whole valve balls industry; most of our CNC machines are talor-made according to our practical manufacturing requirement, greatly increased our capacity.

Superior &Stable Quality

Since we own forging plants for our solid balls, preforming line for our hollow balls, welding line for weld balls, we control all our products from raw material to the finished products by one-stop, plus our strict quality control plans, test & inspection, can greatly reduce the defec trate, guarantee customer satisfaction.

Competitive & Stable Price

We can get the raw material (sheets, plates, bars) very conveniently and with best price, besides, due to we have our own forging plants and talor-made CNC machines, the efficiency increased and cost decreased, cheap and fine are what we’re always pursuing, we can keep our price stable as long as 3 years, deliver our customers the best products with great value.

In-time & Stable Delivery

So far, our delay rate is no more than 5%, especially for overseas market, never had delay record yet, since we deeply understand our customers manufacturing processes and are always care about their urgent needs.

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