Stainless Steel Threaded Ball Valve

SS Threaded Ball Valves

Grande is specialized in designing and manufacturing Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Threaded Ball Valves, Floating Threaded Ball Valves, Flanged End Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valves and ect. With almost 20 years of production experience, we have become one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

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  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Light industry
  • High-voltage equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper
  • Other industrial automatic control systems


  • Size: DN15-DN100
  • Material: 304, 316, WCB
  • Pressure: PN63
  • Standards: G, ISO7-1, NPT, PT


  • Full port design, small fluid resistance
  • The sealing performance of the valve seat is good
  • Locking device available
  • Fire Safe Design
  • Anti-static Design & Blow-out proof stem
  • Three-piece design for fast ,economical in line maintenance
  • The service life of the ball valve is long

Easy to install and insulate

  • no leakage risk
  • lightweight and simple to install
  • the entire valve is easy to insulate
  • no condensation problems

Competitive Price

Lower procurement costs, new technologies and management methods reduce costs and increase production efficiency

Rich OEM/ODM Experience

Advanced production equipment and technical strength, OEM / ODM services for more than 20 countries.

Any kind of business solution or consultation don’t hesitate to contact.

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