The first pipeline has been installed and tested successfully.

At 10:30pm on the evening of August 31, A crisp sound of water broke the silence of the night.

After going through a 3.2 kilometer distance with a diameter of 800 mm pipe line, the first water diversion project occurred at the end of the pipe gallery. The installers cheered with excitement : “Succeed! Succeed! ”

The Winter Olympic Snowmaking Project is located in the core area of the Yanqing Competition. It mainly distributes snow-making water pipelines, civil water pipelines and recycled water pipelines.

This project started on June 5, 2019. And it took 88 days to complete it and pass through the test, which will be a solid step forward for the Winter Olympics “Lifeline” project, and it will meet the demand for more than 2 million cubic meters of snowmaking water in the competition area.

Such an important project has been successfully completed. As the supplier of high pressure valves in this project, we are very proud of our Grande-Tek Flow Control Company to contribute to the Olympics!