Abstract: German ITCO exhibition was held in ICM Messe Muchen Exhibition Center, Munich, Germany, from June 4 to 7, 2019. The exhibition is held once a year which is the seventh exhibition Guard participated. This time, the exhibited main products of our company are standard tank containers, valves and accessories of T50 tank, also exhibited our latest product research and developed by ourselves – The linkage and interlocking system between air valve and bottom valve.

The yearly ITCO exhibition in Germany was held in ICM Messe Muchen, Munich, Germany, from June 4 to 7, 2019. This exhibition is the first time that Guard exhibited its newly developed product which is the linkage system between air ball valve and bottom valve. The characteristics of this device are that the bottom valve cannot be opened unless the air ball valve is opened. Only when the air ball valve is opened, the bottom valve can be opened. This device will 100% eliminate of the suction deformation of tank caused by unloading the bottom valve without opening the air ball valve. It attracts the attention of people from all walks of life in the tank industry. Some well-known tank owners and operators also expressed strong interest in the device.

The purpose we attending this exhibition is mainly to expand product visibility and deepen cooperation. It makes full use of the opportunity to exchange, communicate and negotiate with Chinese and foreign customers visiting the exhibition, which further improves the company’s brand awareness and influence.

Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot and achieved the expected goal of participation. At the same time, we will continue to make efforts to let more people know our brand “Guard”, and continue to provide our latest technology and reliable products for our customers!