Flanged Ball Valves

Flanged Ball Valve

Flanged ball valves are convenient because they are simple to add or remove. They are manufactured in a wide range of standard sizes, making it easy to retrofit an existing pipe line with a ball valve. Flanged ball valves can have a diameter of less than an inch or more than a foot.

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  • hydraulics
  • gas industry
  • environmental industry
  • chemical and petrochemical industries


  • Size: DN15-DN200
  • Material: 304, 316, WCB
  • Pressure: PN16/25/40 Class150/300/600
  • Standards: DIN ASME JIS GB


  • lightweight
  • easy to insulate
  • space saving design
  • easy to install and use
  • long service life
  • high-quality materials, suitable for many different applications

Blow-out Proof Stem Design

Under the action of the pressure mediu, open the packing gland and stem sealing gasket,the stem won’t blow-out.

Anti-static Device Design

A spring-loaded stem and steel ball as the anti-static device, which could prevent the electircal continuity between valve body and stem, so as to avoid sparks.

Low Leakage and Anti-Friction

Multiple O-rings and wear-resistant jacket are provided in the packing location to prevent the friction between stem and neighboring metal parts, which could ensure well sealing; And also graphite gasket is added between packing and valve body, stem and top flange, which could prevent external leakage.

Lever Structure For Trunnion

Adjustment lever structure with valve body support to prevent the interference between trunnion and body, and slso could average the seat pressure from the ball gravity, to lower the torque, and improve the sealing and service life.

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